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Undergraduate Programme Details

Summary of Programmes

The three undergraduate awards in Business and Management give students the foundation in key area of business and management studies.  Moreover these also provide students with the tools and knowledge required to be an effective manager.

In the Certificate in Business and Management students will develop an understanding of key concepts by studying subjects such as Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Management, Statistics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership and Information Systems.

The Diploma in Business and Management builds on the concepts from the Certificate and looks into depth at topics such as Organization Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Management, Managerial Accounting, Operations Management, Business Leadership and Economic Policy.

Finally the Advanced Diploma in Business and Management takes all of the concepts from the previous two years and looks at advanced business topics, which include Strategic Management, International Business, Services Marketing, Financial Management, Leadership Issues and Entrepreneurship.

Each of these three programmes can be completed in one year each (or three years in total) if studying full time.  Students also have the option to complete one program and then complete the rest of their studies in one of our partner universities.


Each of the programmes are 120 credits or 60 ECTS credits long.  Doing all three will earn you 360 credits (or 180 ECTS credits), which is equivalent to a UK undergraduate degree.

Modules delivered on each program

* Each of the modules is 15 credits (7.5 ECTS credits), except for MGT311 and ACT311, which are 30 credits (15 ECTS credits) each


Each module uses a variety of assessment techniques.  These can vary from Exams, Case Study Analysis, Presentations, Reports, MCQ Tests, to visual presentations (such as developing a video).  Usually, each module will have two different types of assessment, and will not exceed 3 assessments per module.  Often, modules will have formative assessment.  This is assessment that is used for feedback purpose only and is not counted towards your final grade.


  • 70% + is an A grade or a 1st
  • 60 – 70 % is a B grade or a 2.1
  • 50 – 60 % is a C grade or a 2.2
  • 40 – 50 % is a D grade or a 3rd
  • A pass is awarded for achieving 40% on a module.If a student fails a module, then he/she may resit, however the grade is capped at 50%.  A student needs to get at least 30% in each component of the assessments as well as an overall 40% to pass a module.


Students will be allowed to resit a module that they have failed.  If a student fails the resit, then he/she must re-register for the full module and retake the module from start.

Other information is available in the Programme Specifications Document.  Moreover, details of each module are available in the module specification documents available on the Virtual Learning Environment.

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