The Center for Innovations in Business & Management Practice


The Center for Innovations in Business & Management Practice is an organization which is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of innovatory knowledge within the business and management framework.  The organization is focused on organizing events, holding conferences and workshops as well as conducting research within the vast areas of business & management.  The center wishes to empower its users in order to create improved knowledge, to assist them to share this knowledge and to help members to gain knowledge in various business & management factors.  The target audience for the center includes researchers, members of the academia, consultants, as well as managers.


The aim of this organization is to gather a community of scholars, academics, practitioners, managers, and other stakeholders that have an interest in the Innovations and Best Practices in Business & Management.  The main mission of the organization is thus to facilitate the production, dissemination and promotion of knowledge within the business and management domain.

Executive Director:  Habib Khan, PhD

Professor Khan holds a Masters and a PhD degree from Harvard University.  He has more than three decades of rich experience in international education development. He is one of the pioneers of Educational Management Information Systems (EMIS), and the use of GIS in decision making.  He has taught in a number of universities across the globe, including Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.  He has consulted and worked for many organizations in the field of educational planning and management, including the World Bank, UN, UNESCO, Agha Khan Educational Foundation, the Asian Development Bank, Microsoft and the Harvard Institute for International Development, to name a few.  Dr. Khan is currently working as a Director for Central & South Asia at the One Laptop Foundation, an initiative started by MIT.


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