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A. Yes you can. If you want to attend one of our conferences, you will need to register for the conference first. You can register for a conference at the following page: Once you register, we will then send you invitation letters to visit the conference, which you can use to obtain a visa, and for other administrative purposes.

Q. Paypal won’t accept my country’s credit card, how can I pay?

A. You can pay via GoogleCheckOut, which accepts a larger number of countries. If you still can’t pay through GoogleCheckOut, then you can do a bank transfer. Details of this can be obtained by emailing us at:

Q. Can I pay cash on arrival at the conference?

A. We rarely accept cash on arrival. You must provide a very strong reason as to why you can’t register for the conference online.

Q. Where will my paper be published?

A. Usually the paper abstracts are published in the conference proceedings. The full paper will be published in a journal. The exact journal(s) change, depending on the conference.

Q. Will I get a certificate for attending?

A. Yes, if you register for the conference and attend as a participant / session chair, you will get a certificate.

Q. Will I get a certificate for my paper?

A. All authors who register for the conference will get a certificate. Even if you don’t attend the conference we will endavour to post the certificate to you.

Q. Will all of the authors get a certificate?

A. Only those authors that register for the conference will get a certificate.

Q. Can I attend the conference as a session chair without presenting a paper?

A. Yes you can. You will need to register for the conference in the normal way, and let us know that you want to be a session chair.

Q. Can I have my paper published without physically attending the conference?

A. If you can’t make it physically due to visa restrictions, or other difficulties, you can still have your paper published. Once your paper is accepted, please let us know about your difficulties.

Q. Can I do an online presentation?

A. If you can not attend, and would like to do an online presentation, you can opt to do a video confererence presentation. Please let us know and we will arrange this for you.

Q. Do you offer financial assistance to attend conferences?

A. Unfortunatley we do not offer financial assistance to attend conferences