The Centre for Innovations in Business & Management Practice

For Partner Institutes

There are two types of partnership opportunities with CIBMP.  You can either use our qualifications and deliver these in your own institutes or your university can accept our credit.

Deliver our qualifications

As a partner of CIBMP you can gain numerous benefits by offering our qualifications:

  • You can deliver all of our qualifications for free.
  • As a partners, we can give you all of our qualifications, including access to online courses, as well as the virtual learning environment.
  • Use your own facilities, faculty and staff to deliver our degrees.
  • You get access to modules and programs that have been designed based on some of the top business schools around the world.
  • Your faculty gets access to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Through the VLE specific module sites will be set up for your institute, giving you faculty access to a wealth of resources to improve and facilitate their teaching. Faculty will have access to readymade presentations, course outlines, a syllabus for each course, assessments, video lectures and more.
  • Give your students and staff access to a wealth of additional resources through our online library. The online library gives access to a wealth of information. You can access millions of articles, thousands of journals, and tens of thousands of books all online.
  • Increase the value of your student’s qualifications by allowing them to transfer to some of the best universities in the world.
  • Often times you can deliver these alongside your existing programs and offer students dual degrees.
  • As a partner of CIBMP, you will join our family, and hence become a partner of an ever growing set of institutes around the world.
  • CIBMP will monitor and support your faculty and staff to ensure the quality of the delivery is up to par with a British University.

Accept our credit

A number of universities and institutes already accept the credit from CIBMP.  Our curriculum is based on and benchmarked against some of the best universities in the world.  By accepting credit from CIBMP qualifications, you give students the option to transfer to a physical university.  There are many students who can not afford to pay the full tuition fee for a 3 or 4 years bachelors degree.  By accepting credit, you will allow them to study part of the degree with CIBMP, and the remainder of the degree with your university / institute.

To find out about partnership please write to Dr. Osman Khan, Director of CIBMP at