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Free Courses

Study the CIBMP courses online for free.  As part of our open philosophy, CIBMP has decided to offer all of its courses, online, for free.  CIBMP believes that education should be available to all.  Hence we are offering all our courses online for free.  You can register, and enrol onto a CIBMP programme.  Once registered you will have your own log in to the virtual learning environment (VLE).  Through the VLE, you will have access to all of the course work, presentations, and other reading material.  You can study and learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

Courses that you can study online include a full UK undergraduate degree (BSc in Business Management) as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Business  Management.  Go to admissions to apply for a free place.

Earning Credit

For those that wish to earn credit, you will need to apply separately.  Earning credit means fulfilling all of the requirements of the programme. This will include qualifying criteria to get admission onto the programme, as well as getting assessed for your learning.  As a full enrolled student, you will also have access to faculty that provide support for each course.  Moreover you will be able to take part in online discussions and other activities which normally won’t be available to students enrolled on the free courses.  To earn credit you will need to pay a small administration fee (usually around £600 or $1000 per year).  A full undergraduate programme (BSc in Business Management) would cost around £1800 or $3000.  Why do we charge this administration fee?  The tuition fee is still for free, however to get you assessments marked CIBMP has to pay faculty members.  This admin charge helps us to cover some of those expenses.  Students who pass the assessment(s) will get a certificate along with a transcript for the courses they have studied successfully.

The Process

Step 1:  Go to admissions and apply for a place to study.  You can chose to apply for a free place, or you can chose to apply for a credit earning place.  

  • If you wish you apply for a free place, you will not be able to switch to a credit earning place before the start of the next semester (in January 2015).
  • If you wish to apply for a credit earning place, you will need to meet the admissions criteria, and supply relevant documents.

Step 2:  You will be granted admissions to study in the fall semester (starting September 2014).

Step 3:  Each week you will receive a new set of readings, and activities to do for the course.  This may include class discussions, doing research, etc.  

  • As a free student, it is your responsibility to make sure that you go through these on a regular basis to maximise your learning.
  • As a credit earning student, you will need to ensure you keep up with these as the semester progresses.  You also have the chance to get guidance from a member of faculty.

Step 4:  For those earning credit, you will also receive assessments (such as assignments, reports, exams, presentations, group work, etc).  

  • For those students that are earning credit, you will need to complete these to receive credit.
  • Students on the free programme will not have their assessments checked by a member of faculty.  They will need to self-assess their own work.  These students will also not earn credit for these courses.

Step 5:  Upon completion students can then progress on to the next term (which starts in January 2015).  

  • Students on the free courses, will be automatically enrolled on to the next semester.  At this point, students on the free courses will have the option to join a credit earning programme.
  • Students on the credit earning programmes will receive their grades, and be allowed to study courses for the next term.  Students that have failed courses will be allowed to re-submit their assessments (without having to study the full course again).

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