The Centre for Innovations in Business & Management Practice


The Center for Innovations in Business & Management Practice organises a number of training programmes aimed at various target audiences.  The Centre for Innovations in Business and Management Practice offers training solutions for all types of organizations and businesses. We offer bespoke training in a number of key areas of business and management which are suitable for public as well as private organizations, and are suitable for for-profit companies as well as for not-for-profit and NGOs.

We organise both customised and open trainings programmes.  Some of the programmes that we have organised in the past include:

  • Leadership Programmes
    • Senior Managers
    • Government Officials
    • Staff in Academia / Education
    • Motivation
  • Marketing & Sales
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Customer Services
    • Customer Experience Management
    • Loyalty
    • Social Media
    • International Marketing
    • Advanced Marketing
  • Management
    • Change Management
    • Strategic Management
    • Project Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Information Systems
    • MIS
    • Geographic Information Systems
  • Teacher¬†Training programmes
    • Use of technology in the classroom
    • Improving quality
    • Effective learning
    • Learning in Higher Education
    • Learning at Secondary Schools
  • Summer Schools
    • For PhD Students
    • For Masters and Bachelors Students
    • Subject specific (Marketing, Finance, Leadership, etc)
    • Various durations (1 week to 6 weeks)