I have been consulting for various companies over the last decade.  I have worked with a number of organizations, ranging from Multinational Firms to local and regional level businesses as well as Small and Medium Companies. I have assisted companies with their problems in developing strategic level marketing plans, customer loyalty strategies, improving loyalty programs, customer experience management; as well internet based marketing and online social media. My clients include customers in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.  Here are a list of some of the companies that I’ve helped:

B2B loyalty at a UK Publisher
A UK based publisher was having difficulties in retaining their customers.  After studying the company, I devised a new strategy for the company to improve their B2B loyalty.  As a consequence of implementing the new strategy the company’s retention levels and overall loyalty have increased considerably.

Multinational Telecom Operator’s Entry Strategy into Asia
A multinational telecommunications firm that wanted to set up shop in Pakistan needed guidance about marketing strategies.  The company had paid half a billion dollars just to obtain a license!  I assisted this company by providing insight into the local market, and helping senior management to formulate a market entry strategy.

A Brazilian/British dance company seeking to improve profitability & brand image
A, relatively small dance company which had difficulties in managing their business effectively.  The company had great products to offer, with excellent quality but was unable to establish a suitable brand image.  I provided guidance to this firm in multiple areas for improving their brand image.  These included social media strategies, new pricing strategies, product positioning strategies, as well strategies for increasing their revenue sources.

Improving Customer Experience at a Middle Eastern Airline
One of the largest middle east based airlines wanted to improve their customer experience.  I assisted this company by providing them with guidelines for improving their Customer Experience strategies, and assisted them in developing plans to operationalize these strategies.  Consequently the level of satisfaction with customer experiences has improved significantly.  Using the strategies, the company now continues to look for ways to improve their CE.

Problems with an online start up
A web based firm that wanted to sell products and services online was having difficulty attracting customers.  After conducting a thorough examination of the firm, I made suggestions for improving their advertising strategies, as well as adopting a different online payment system.  After implementing the strategies, the firm saw its sales go up from 100 items a month to nearly 100 items a day within 6 months time.

There are numerous other firms that I have consulted for.  If you are in need of assistance, you can get in touch with me at:

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