Journal Publication

CIBMP has teemed up with a number of journals for various conferences. In our last conference, two journals sponsored special issues for the CIBMP. The International Journal of Online Marketing and the International Journal of Finance and Management published over 30 papers in two special issues.

Similarly for the Global Conference 2011 we have teamed up with the International Journal of “Innovatory Marketing” and to International Journal of Finance and Management publish special issues. Each journal will have their own selection criteria. It is recommended that you visit the sites of these journals to get more info. Also, please note that CIBMP itself does not run these journals, nor do we manage them. If you have questions related to these journals, please contact them directly.

The International Journal of Finance and Management (UK) is set up with dedicated content to get a grip of the various current issues in the field of finance and management, especially in an era of global turbulence. International Journal of Finance and Management (IJFM) is a highly selective journal featuring literate and policy-relevant analysis on international issues such as innovations in business and management, managing through the global financial turbulence, Making Smarter Risk Decisions, and other management issues.

The journal’s readership extends well beyond academia and attracts audience from national treasuries and corporate treasuries, central banks and investment banks, and major international financial and marketing organizations. To maintain the quality of this UK based journal, all articles are reviewed according to a set of international standards and guidelines. IJFM has also in its vision of linking with international conferences dealing with finance and management issues, and serve the global community towards better education and research publications.

IJFM has collaborated with CIBMP to publish a special issue in the area of Innovations in Business and Management. If you would like your paper to be considered for publication to the IJFM as part of the CIBMP conference, please send your full paper to The top 25 articles will be published in this journal. All submissions are required the meet the Journal Style guidelines.