Bring back groupbuying

Posted by Osman on Jul 14, 2020 in Blog, Social Media | 276 comments

Due to the busy schedule I haven’t been able to post a proper Blog, which I hope to accomplish tomorrow on an interesting topic related to Online Social Media.  While at Customer Experience Online event, Dean and I were chatting before our presentation, and an interesting concept hit me.  Group Buying sites in today’s world.  They failed in the past, but how about if we were to revive it.  Online Social Media would play a key role!  If you don’t know what I’m taking about, then please log in tomorrow for the full story, or follow me on Twitter to keep updated on the posts.

Here’s what I’ve been up to and some of my future commitments:

These past two weeks have been busy.  I presented on Best Practices in CEM at the CSTA/SOCAP event in Nottingham, as well as on Best Practices in CEM from an Online Perspective at the IQPC Exchange Customer Experience Online with Dean Van Leeuwen.  I must say, Dean is a great presenter, and it was fun working with him.  My future commitments include Presenting on Customer Loyalty (how to build & manage) in San Diego in October, at the IBAM conference.  I will also be presenting at the ICRM conference at Henley Business School, September, on a CEM model which can be used to build excellent experiences.  Furthermore, I am due to present a paper on Loyalty in the Tourism Sector in September.

From the CSTA/SOCAP event, I already got the feedback, and its pretty good.  Got excellent reviews.  I thought I would share some of them.  Overall I got a 7.8/10, which is not too bad.

  • Really engaging and fascinating model on customer experience
  • The model is something that I will definitely share with the team
  • Lovely style/Direct/lots to think about, good facts
  • Excellent speaker very informative
  • Interesting presentation & good examples used
  • Useful model
  • Quick pace, interesting topic - would like to know more.
  • Really informative
  • Information was helpful & gave a good overview of why businesses are successful.
  • Really interesting content – would love to see more

Please feel free to post comments to the blogs.  If you’re interested in me writing about a particular topic, then drop me a line at

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