Back from a long break

Posted by Osman on Feb 5, 2020 in Blog, Updates | 121 comments

Hi everyone.  As you can see, I had been away for a while.  Much has been happening since.  Presenting at a number of conferences, consulting work, and a number of other interesting projects.  One of these involves being a director for a non-profit organization called Children Education Society (CES).  CES is involved in providing education to under-privileged children in hot spots around the world.  Some of the work they do is with children from war torn Afghanistan, as well as those that had been affected by the floods in Pakistan.

I’m also now working as a Director for the Center for Innovations in Business & Management Practice.  This organization aims to spread innovatory business and management practices, by bringing together academics and managers.  Their first event attracted people from 20 countries from all over the globe.

I have also been working on a book on Customer Loyalty.  I will be posting more details about this in the future.  Now that I’m back,  I will try be more regular at blogging.  Take care and have a good weekend.

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